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Saturday, April 15th

Illuminating the Art of Candle Making with Liz Wagner

A Prairie Craft Discussion hosted by Melissa Gilbert

Meet Liz Wagner, Creative Director at Crafter
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Join us as we kick off Modern Prairie and Crafter’s first  collaborative conversation, where we will be delving into the art of candle making with their talented Creative Director Liz Wagner. From selecting the perfect scents to pouring the wax and adding the finishing touches, making candles is a craft that has been enjoyed for centuries.
From ancient times to the modern era, candles have been an essential part of our lives, providing light, warmth, and even inspiration. In this conversation, we will explore Liz’s journey as a candle maker, her tips for creating beautiful candles, and the joy that comes from crafting something with your own hands.  We will also explore the fascinating history of candle making, from the earliest beeswax candles to the advent of paraffin and soy wax. We will also discuss the different types of candles and their uses, as well as the techniques and tools involved in making candles. So, whether you are a candle enthusiast or simply curious about the craft, join us for this illuminating conversation about the art and science of candle making.

As the Creative Director at Crafter, Liz Wagner enjoys intimate involvement with the arts—whether it be alongside talented fellow makers or in her own creative pursuits. Liz has always held a deep appreciation for the perfect imperfection of handmade goods and finds great value in exploring time-tested processes. Working with timeless and quality materials such as wood, leather, and beeswax keeps gratitude at the forefront of her daily life.

Liz lives in beautiful Encinitas, California, with her family of seven. When she’s not at work developing productions for the Crafter brand, she’s exploring additional crafts for fun. She finds inspiration in silence and in the quiet, patient things that grow outside her front door and in the wider world.

So grab a cozy seat, light a candle if you have one, and join us as we discover the art of candle making.
Spaces are limited, so grab a spot while you can. 

Session will be hosted via Zoom.  Links will be shared upon registration confirmation.

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