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Thursday, November 3rd 2022

A Conversation with Cheryl Perry - An InstaGram Live Event

Please join Melissa as she welcomes Cheryl, a classically trained Chef with more than 20 years of experience working as a culinary instructor, restaurant owner, and consultant in the New York City area as she talks about her journey with Melissa. 

Cheryl was Co-Owner of the Pie Corps and Co-Author of ‘For the Love of Pie.’  

Why pie? 

Cheryl believes it’s the essence of handmade cuisine. Once you learn the basics of making crusts and fillings, you’re there, and you can create anything —anything locally available to you is potentially pie. 

Really, what could be better than that?  

We think this conversation is going to be “as sweet as pie!”

Do you have questions for Cheryl?