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Join Melissa and Susie as they welcome their first official guest to the Knitty Gritty Podcast!

April Cornell is an artist and entrepreneur, whose inspired designs lie at the heart of what she does. Born in Montreal, Canada to parents from Nova Scotia, she is one of four children. April is the proud mother of three sons (and two granddaughters!) who currently lives in Burlington, Vermont on the cozy shores of Lake Champlain.

April’s wondrous blend of romantic florals and bohemian style can be traced to the places she loves most – from the alluring region of Provence to dusty fabric markets in New Delhi, from the winding alleys of Portugal to the coast of California.

Her journey has led her to the bazaars of Istanbul and through the barren beauty of the Afghan Mountains, revealing beauty around every corner. April’s legacy and one-of-a-kind vision continue to guide the company to this day- she is still hard at work and is as dedicated as ever to pursuing beauty in the everyday.

In this episode:

Learn more about April’s own journey as an artist, mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur Hear more details about Modern Prairie’s upcoming collection with April launching on March 13! How Melissa, Susie, and April would protect themselves from Michael Myers, you know if they had toYou don’t want to miss this one!

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